Muslim Association of Canada Condemns Violence in Paris, France

Mississauga – November 13, 2015 – The Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) issued the following statement about violence in Paris, France:

“We are a Canadian organization and operate only in Canada. However, we cannot ignore global events and fail to speak out against the acts of violence that are of serious concern to all Canadians, including Muslims in Canada. The crimes perpetrated today against the citizens of France are a crime against all humanity. Violence against civilians, wherever it is perpetrated, is unacceptable and a corruption of our beliefs. Human wisdom and divine teachings of Islam and indeed every faith teaches us to abhor such acts. We offer our prayers for the victims, and our most profound condolences to all those touched by this senseless bloodshed.”

Backgrounder: MAC is one of the largest Muslim organizations in Canada. It emphasizes the holistic message of Islam within the context of Canada’s diverse society. MAC believes that the personal development of every individual is the key to real and fruitful involvement in the community. It brings a balanced, constructive and engaged understanding of Islam that aims to inspire Muslims in Canada.